The Mater Aeterna Goddess Diana Mirror Shield Activation is a powerful energy attunement program that facilitates connection to the Great Goddess in her lunar aspect for the purpose of creating a crystalized web of protection around you. It is a powerful shield to protect you from low vibrational intentions or projections from people around you. It also protects you from negative entities of an elemental or lower astral nature.

Psychic self defense is vital for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Using this activation brings us into closer alignment with our energetic blueprint, allowing us to develop our true energetic integrity and our spiritual gifts. We are more able to work towards alignment without negativity around us.

This fantastic system acts as a spiritual firewall, keeping out negative influences and preventing you from being compromised by them. It is a simple and powerful way to ensure your spiritual and psychic health. It enhances your development, giving you confidence in your abilities with energy work, psychic work, channeling, developing empathy, divination, magick, ritual and meditation.

The Eternal Mother or Great Goddess is the source of our essence and divine nature, as well as our physicality; and emotional, mental, spiritual and actual reality.

The Great Cosmic Mother’s nature is the pure expression of love, truth and abundance. She is the matrix of creative energy that initiates the manifestation of, and underpins the Universe. She is the creative feminine principle.

The Goddess Diana is one of the best known and loved Goddesses, still popular today. She is a lunar Goddess, associated with all phases of the Moon, and Maiden, Mother and Crone. She is known as the Holy Mother, Lady of Wild Creatures, and Mother of the Forest. She has dominion over the process of magick and is associated with women, children and midwives, and bestows fertility. She is associated with wild places and things including wolves, dogs, deer and cats and is linked to the water element. She can be called upon to bring light to the darkness and reveal mysteries to the seeker. Work with her for wisdom, psychic development, spiritual awakening and magickal skills.

It is the Great Lunar Goddess and her capacity as the celestial mirror of stellar radiance that we invoke Diana to activate the Mater Aeterna Mirror Shield. The mirror shield activation can protect us from negative influences around us on all levels, from the negative thoughts, words and behaviors of people around us as well as their intentions.

Founder: Anna Louise May (Maya)