In this manual Manuela Fasoli, founder of this system tells us the Merlin is one of her precious guides who has helped her a lot with his magick. She says he’s always happy to serve us with his wisdom and his power and that over the years he has given her many spells and attunements.

Merlin Magick Spells Reiki will pump the energy and frequency of many sacred magick mantras for your spells, and then create a link between you and Merlin so he will become your wise guide too.

Merlin is a very powerful and wise wizard who gives us many powerful secret formulas to cast many kinds of spells. These secret words can help our spells and magick.

This system can better your psychic gifts.

You will be attuned to mantras for love, money or jobs, wellbeing and luck. There is a symbol to help you connect to the magick of Merlin.

Founder: Manuela Fasoli