Oedema or Edema is the medical term for swelling. It is the condition of abnormal fluid in the tissues organs and circulatory system, between the body’s cells due to accumulation of excess lymph fluid. This occurs when small blood vessels become full, leak and release fluid into surrounding tissues.

Oedema can accrue in virtually any location in the body but the most common places are the ankles and feet. Most cases are slight and undamaging and caused by allergies or medication but it may also be the result of an underlying malady such as a heart condition. Man factors can disturb the balance of fluid in the body. Ask your doctor to assist you in identifying the cause.

Behind the disease or illness there may be a spiritual or metaphysical cause. When you discover the underling origin, the process of healing can be escalated. This may be the reluctance to release something. This attunement can help you to discover what is not being released.

Prerequisites: For the Master Level – Reiki Master Teacher
For the Personal Use system – none

If you intend to share this system with others for Personal Use only you will need to purchase that manual to provide to your students and clients.

Founder: Manuela Marques

Master Teacher:  $90 

Personal Use $54