Eye Care and all of its energy functions will work with you whether you perceive the subtle energies or not.

Eye Health Enhancement energy function increases eye health. It eases eye strain.

My Sight Restoration restores and increases spiritual sight. We can all lose our way from time to time. As you inner and spiritual sight is restored you will understand and ‘see’ things clearly that were previously beyond your mental grasp. It is a wonderful expansion of spiritual awareness.

Visual Distortion Flush drops away visual perception distortions. As intuitive skills come ‘online’ for people, especially clairvoyant abilities, sometimes their physical sight will blur for a while. This can be very disconcerting to have just gained the ability to see better in the spiritual realms and not see well in this reality. Children who have been diagnosed as dyslectic may in reality only be bothered by certain wavelengths of light. With parent’s permission, you may activate this function for them.

Hydrostatic Eye Pressure Adjustment assist to adjust the internal pressure within your eyes that can be caused by various eye conditions.

Physical Vision Preservation assists in keeping your vision from declining. This energy function promotes the preservation of physical sight.

Infection Inhibitor Field is an energy function to help to eyes that are exposed to irritants throughout the course of your day.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture