Faery Fox Empowerment Reiki Lightwork connects you to the realm of the fae and the faery fox. The faery fox is usually white but is sometimes red. They are smaller than most foxes. It is a magickal creature that is rarely seen by humans. The faery fox brings happiness and playfulness and teaches the art of enjoying life. This is often an area of our lives we forget as we grow and take on the responsibilities of adulthood. But the Faery Fox will teach you how to have fun again!

The Faery Fox is shy around humans, only revealing itself to those who are of good spirit. Using the energies of this system you can connect with the Faery Fox and experience the joy of its energy. It will direct you to your inner child callings and guide you to things you can do to bring more joy into your life. Using these energies will relieve stress and tension.

You will be attuned to a symbol to bring joy coming to you. You will feel your worries being lifted away. See yourself with the faeries and the Faery Fox, and let happiness and laughter flow through you.

May your life be fun and joyous! So be it!

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)