Level One:

The Gaia Star Universal Reiki System is a type of high vibrating Sirian Star energy combined with the energy of the Earth. It is very good at releasing blockages and balancing. It uses a process with the assistance of Archangel Metatron, the Star Guardians of Light and two symbols.

The Earth is accelerating in vibration. We can assist this process by becoming bridges to the higher vibrating energy of the Sirian Star energy. The key to manifestation is to be able to hold higher frequency energy. In order to do this you nned to have a strengthened energy field that is clear, balanced and free of blockages.

This Reiki system is specifically tailored to focus the energy on these blockages with the intention of balancing and releasing, thereby clearing negative cellular memory, which we hold in our energy field. A clear energy field equals a clear open connection to Source where there is nothing blocking the energy behind our intentions to manifest what we want in life.

Level Two – Master Level:

The first level is a prerequisite for the second level. This attunement provides you with the Master Symbol.

Founder: Jacqueline Glen