This line of healing was recommenced on the 6th of August, 2000 after being lost for over 1800 years. It is a very ancient source of healing energy which has been used and then suppressed many times. it is believed to be the source of the healing energy that Saint Martha used in France.

Dragons are found in an almost parallel dimension as the range of energy of which their being is made of is different than ours.

The Golden Dragon is an incarnation into a dragon body of the Divine Mother aspect of our Planet Earth. There is one Divine Female Golden Dragon and smaller gold dragons working through her. The gold dragons are classed as healers and their healing ability comes through the Divine Dragon from higher dimensions – up to the 12th dimension. By intention the dragon works through a person and through that person’s hands comes the healing ability.

There are three Golden Dragon Initiations.

Golden Dragon 1 can be taught after the Reiki 1 initiation. This first level makes a connection to planet Earth, allowing you to pull up its denser energy for emotional support. The Golden Dragon energy can be used for removing entities and dark or stagnant energy in the body and the aura.

At this level you will receive the first symbol. It brings in the Golden dragon energy and opens the base chakra to pull up denser energy for tissue repair.


Golden Dragon 2 gives you access to the higher vibrations through a High Priest Dragon for healing purposes and allows even more solid and substantial earth energy to be brought into the body for physical healing and tissue repair. At this level you will also be able to carry out the initiation procedure for Dragon 1 and 2. It allows a healer to work on past life charges and emotional issues, lightens the physical body genetics to hold more light and hold higher energy vibrations.

This initiation opens the base chakra and brings down a grounding cord into the planet. Through this cord denser Earth energy is pulled up, giving an increase in physical body healing abilities.

After receiving the level 2 initiation you will be able to work with the higher dimensions of energy, up to the 12th dimension.


With Dragon 3 there is a big shift in the aura and energetic field to allow direct tapping into the higher dimensions. Karmic imprinting and DNA work can be done after this initiation. By the time you are ready for this initiation you will need the higher vibrations for your own personal development.

This initiation enables you to pull the higher dimensional energies for spiritual healing directly yourself instead of having them filtered through a dragon priest/ess.

The Golden Dragon 3 symbol brings true unconditional love. It is coming from a higher source. It is pure love. The more you expand the more your experience of this pure love changes. There is a difference in the quality of love you will be able to perceive.

The more the light in your body expands, the higher you will be able to reach with the symbol. It is infinite. You will have the potential to experience the Divine directly. This initiation is held in the physical heart.


All three levels of The Healing Order of the Golden Dragon should be followed by daily self-treatment for 21 days.

Prerequisite:  Reiki One Attunement

Founder: Diana Angel Cosgrove