The DNA Rainbow Hologram Activation is a method of DNA activation was devised over many years. It can be used to activate as many strands as you like. You can use it once a week, once a month or whenever you are guided to. When done properly these activations will clear away stagnant energy and over time will help to change the blueprint of your DNA.

Some of the benefits of this system are:
• Improved Feeling of Well-Being/health
• Cleanses Aura
• Repairs DNA Cells
• Opens 3rd Eye
• Improves Memory
• Removes Fear & Doubt from Your Energetic System
• Promotes Serenity Within You
• An Increased Capacity to Experience and Share Love
• Physical, Spiritual and Mental Detoxification
• Increased Awareness of Your Path
• Increased Awareness of Your Spirit Guides
• Better Ability to Communicate & Connect with Your Guides
• A Feeling of Oneness with All in the Universe
• Many More Positive Changes varying from individual to individual

DNA is our personal Divine blueprint. It contains information pertaining to our Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Universal connection to Oneness. It is who We are, and is in everything – matter, people, animals and plants. It is all that is unique to each one of us! This encoded information determines your Physical form, Spiritual Gifts, Energetic Bodies, and Karmic Connection to the Universe.

Founder: Elaine DeCarlo