Golden Light Rain Reiki brings peace and harmony into the mind and tranquility into you. It radiates many frequencies of light in an effort to lighten the mind and free it from the burdens of everyday thinking. It calms and slows the mental processes to allow the finer vibrations of nature to enter, and opens the heart to allow the emotions access to deeper levels of consciousness where it is possible to ‘see’ into the essence of nature around you.

This system helps to connect into the guiding consciousness of Mother Earth, linking you to the principles of yin and yang, the Mother and the Father, where the Father provides the fortitude to support us in our task and the Mother holds her heart open for us to enter.

The healing qualities of Golden Light Rain run deep. The more this energy is used, the more it attempts to balance and harmonize the mental and emotional bodies, then takes it to a deeper level. The consciousness of the energy knows no bounds.

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso