The Gratitude Wave is a range of strong, full energies that lift and open you while providing an infilling support for emotional wounds. People often stay within themselves, closed off from the world around them for years after disappointment, misfortune or trauma. Their emotional body feels safer by closing off to opportunities to connect with others and situations. Their belief in a world of lack is reinforced because they are not in the sustenance flow of Source.

People who train themselves to look at the positive and expect great things in life may still experience a gap between what is and what they want in their lives. The Gratitude Wave can increase the ease of manifesting by putting you in a position of gratitude. It works to bring you to a place where you can be IN Gratitude no matter what has happened to you in life and whatever you may be facing now.

Gratitude IS being in the middle of the Sustenance Flow of Eternal Sacred Source.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture