Green Sparkle High Energy is a wonderful energy for the heart chakra. It regulates higher vibrational energy flows so you don’t feel space or ungrounded when opening the higher chakras. It also opens and balances the chakras in the hands and feet, proving a deeper connection to Mother Earth. It assists with issues of abundance and prosperity, eliminating negative beliefs about money and opens the heart to receive.

This energy system helps you to give and receive love, following a heartfelt quest and drawing abundant support and assistance from the Universe. An open heart allows the Angels of miracles to enter and create a reality of upliftment and joy for all. Green Sparkle High Energy helps you to heal and mend so that you feel whole again. It is very helpful when you are going through and extremely difficult time and feel that there is no hope in sight. It gives you a sense of walking out of the darkness and into the arms of the Light and a very loving presence.

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso