Life High Transition Attunement is for people who are going through major life transitions of all kinds. It assists in allowing clarity to prevail and easing feelings of confusion or turmoil within.

This attunement assists with opening communication channels for inner attunement with your Divine Self, Spirit guides and teachers, helping you with discernment of truth and acceptance of circumstances. It helps you to access your inner wisdom to confront and resolve past challenges.

Life High Transition Attunement is for sorting through family ties, patterns and perceptions and releasing them with love and forgiveness, including forgiveness of self, releasing the memories at a cellular level.

This system eases grieving for loved ones, or letting go of an inner part of yourself, letting go of old fears and doubts and bringing emotional balance.  It also helps in making inner decisions about whether to continue in this lifetime, both for people and for animals.

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso