Medicine Woman connects you to the higher energy within you, to your true inner spirit of the Medicine Woman within and the energy of Source. Working with this system heightens your self-empowerment, strengthens your confidence, draws forth your healing abilities and enhances your connection with pure Source. As you work with the energies you will find that your abilities increase, and your connection to Nature and the Shaman side of you will come forth. You may feel a strong sense of “Oneness” with all of life, including animals and plants, and you may discover that you can feel energy more intensely, helping you to feel energy blocks as you do healing sessions for others. It will also increase the Source energy flowing through you to bring a more complete healing and speedy recovery for yourself and others. The energies of this great healing system are intense and powerful.

You will be attuned to a symbol to help you connect to the energies of Medicine Woman – Spirit Healing.

May the Medicine Woman within charge you with high power energy for empowerment and healing. So be it!

Founder: Daeyln Wolf (Linda Colibert)