My Power Mastery is an energy system which has been channeled to provide you with a sequence of commands to help you to align, access, interface, utilize and finally master your personal power in synergy with Divinity.

You may feel that what you experienced while asleep feels very real upon awakening. If the skills and abilities you are accustomed to using in this reality did not work in your night dream it can be very frustrating. You can help in this reality but perhaps your skills such as Reiki don’t work there. You may also find that your talents, gifts and abilities don’t always work as they usually do when doing distant work or other healing.

Benefits of My Power Mastery:
• Be a more effective minister everywhere and anywhere you are no matter whether you are consciously aware of where you are ministering.
• Unlock the spiritual gifts that have been elusive to you.
• Remove limitations to the use of your personal power as restricted by local laws and principles, environments, planetary interference, and other counteracting magic or energies.
• Unlock your personal power, your spiritual skills and abilities to free it for use in any place your spirit travels to.
• Reduce tiredness upon waking from night dreams.
• Increase your long distance healing effectiveness through time and space in this reality and for past life work for yourself and others.
• Reduce bad experiences in night dreams by freeing your abilities to function.
• Align yourself with this planetary system, especially for those from away.

Level 1 attunement provides you with energy functions assisting you to align with and access your personal power both in this reality and in other realities, (places, future, past, in various realms of reality and timelines.)

Level 2 attunement brings you the ability to honor your emotions, yet not be ruled by them. You can observe a situation with the optimal demeanor, instead of being swept away by the current.

Level 2 may be accepted after you have consciously activated all of the energy functions in Level 1.

Level 3 upgrades the energies, propelling you into mastery of your personal power.

Level 3 may be accepted after a wait of at least 3 days after accepting the first level attunement and you must have activated all of the functions in level 1, accepted all of the attunements in order.

Personal power means your own will, the energy of your spirit and the concentration of you, which is available to spark action of any of your spiritual abilities, calling forth the response of Divinity to carry out your intention.

If you choose to be attuned to the Master Level of My Power Mastery, Level three will also give you the right to pass attunements in this system to others.

You may receive either the Master Teacher attunement or the Personal Use attunement either by chi ball or in real time. Levels 2 and 3 are sent by chi ball.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

If you intend to share this system with others for Personal Use only you will need to purchase that manual to provide to your students and clients.

Master Teacher


Personal Use