Mystic Eye of the Seer Reiki connects you to your intuition, instincts and your Higher Self. It also opens your crown and third eye chakras to receive messages from your spirit guides, totem animals, angels and ancestors.

This system is magick infused. It is empowered to speed connection and to strengthen your psychic abilities. Using the energies will enhance your intuition and instincts so that they work together with spirit guide messages to give you the inner knowledge you need for any situation.

Mystic Eye of the Seer Reiki gives you a truer, more accurate perception of any situation, and your awareness is clearer and deeper, so it gives you mofe understanding and options, allowing you to choose the best way to proceed in any circumstance. It helps with inspiration for creative projects and gives you ways to achieve your goals. The energies are pure and powerful.

May you be blessed with great awareness and the answers you seek. So be it.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)