Mystic Healer Reiki connects you to your Higher Self, infinite intelligence, and enhances your healing abilities. Through these energetic connections your healing work is enhanced. This helps speed recovery for wounds, illness and disease and protects from relapses. It works on emotional and physical healing from the inside out, healing with a steady, constant stream of energy so that there is improvement in even stubborn illnesses and auto immune disease.

As you work with these energies, and continue the healing with this system, the healing becomes stronger and adds to the recovery with an extra boost of healing energy each time you use Mystic Healing Reiki.

This system is very powerful. Using it helps to prevent relapses and also lessens the symptoms of a relapse if you do have one. It can heal the emotional causes that are often the root cause of illness and disease.

You will be attuned to a symbol to help connect to the energies of Mystic Healer Reiki.

May you heal quickly and be renewed with whole perfect wellness. So be it.

Founder: Daeyln Wolf