Our Lady of Guadalupe bestows miracles by motherly intercession on your behalf. She is a direct connection to God or the Divine Source. Our Lady of Guadalupe will assist anyone. She will assist even if you don’t believe at all. All you have to do is call upon her! This system will bring miracles into your life!

The image of our Lady of Guadalupe shows her standing on a crescent, her garments held up by the arms of an angel, her eyes looking down with an expression of compassion and humility. She is standing within a brilliant halo as bright as the sun. There are stars on her mantle and a moon at her feet. She is the personification of the Divine Feminine.

The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe brings forth awe, wonder, mystery and possibility. Her therapeutic miracles are world known worldwide. She brings hope and inspiration to all people.

Use the energies of this attunement for intercession with:
• Finances
• Healing
• Love
• Marriage
• Protection
• Relationships

Founder: Rosemary Noel