We have been through great changes since the 11:11 2004. There was much turmoil in our Beingness, and you may have unloaded a lot of baggage. Letting go of old energies and leaving them behind is a very hard thing to do.

You now have moved into an emotional consciousness transition of the 5D where all things are to change or Manifest into Creation. As human creators you are like a Butterfly who has emerged from the cocoon. You can dream the dream, and live the dream. You are a Lightworker and a Starseed and can show others how to become “One With All That Is”.

You may find that you have new guides come and go. These new guides come for a short period of time to help you in your growth and conscious expansion. They will help you to connect with the new energies. This system works with both humans and animals.

Shamballa 1024 has four symbols that activate a client’s Healing DNA to balance the body. Hey will override the existing carbon base DNA present in the body, and allow the DNA recoding process. The symbols were given to the founder of this system.

Use this system to release old energies and low vibration, remove karma from this and past lives, raise your vibrational frequency, work with your third eye and aid your ascension process.

Prerequiste:  Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Levels 1-4

Founder: June Stephansen