PREREQUISITES: The LIghtarian Buddhic Track ™ and The LIghtarian Angel Track Program ™.

The Lightarian Buddhic Track ™ and The Lightarian Angel Track Program ™ allow more of your spirit into your physical body. This Ascension/Descension process remove polarities and open the way to recognizing and working with various dimensional realities of the Earth plane.

THE LIGHTARIAN GATEWAY PROGRAM ™ provides training for navigating these dimensional planes, working with the Crystal Skull, the Blue Flame of Wholeness, and gem grid and interacting with several Master ET and seraphic groups.


• Usage expansion of the Crystal Skull and Blue Flame of Wholeness received through the Purification program
• Recoding of the body at the cellular level which will you in working better with energetic vibrations and the gem grid
• Adjustments in your energy field, including the unified heart chakra
• Collaboration with different Master ET groups ad seraphim groups to earn how to navigate physical realities and interdimensions more easily

The Crystalline Gateway Program facilitates the expansion within our energy field. The attunements you receive though levels two through six of the Gateway program will further align the gem grid being created within your body’s energy fleld, the Earth’s crystal grid and similar grids found in other dimensions.

As you receive the Gateway attunements, you will find that you are able to manifest not only when you perform certain ritualized hand movements or say particular words, but rather through the shifting of your energy vibratory frequency to create what you wish.

Becoming a Lightarian and being more spiritually engaged in life can bring the full force of the Light into your life. As you accelerate there is a natural progression toward personal transformation, raised vibration and expanded awareness. You can develop a stronger connection with your Higher Self.

Beings from other galaxies, dimensions and energetic makeups have reached out to support and aid us in our human/global transformation. Aspects of two Seraphim Groups – Seraphim C and Seraphim K – along with the Master ET energies of the Arcturians, Sirians, and Pleiadians, and other dimensional beings have come forward to offer humanity ways to unlock the new dimensional realities, enhance the connection of the physical body with the gem grid and improve your relationship with others on the Earth plane. The focus is on recoding and utilization of cellular coding within the physical body.


LEVEL ONE – THE LIGHTARIAN CRYSTALLINE GATEWAY is an awakening to a greater sense of who you are and Awakening to a greater sense of your purpose here at this time. As simple as is it may appear, the development of awareness, clarity, and understanding about these two fundamental aspects of life are at the heart of the spiritual awakening process, and they are enhanced and accelerated as you receive the Crystalline Gateway.


LEVEL 2 – THE RUBY GATEWAY was inspired by the Arcturians. It focuses on infusing the physical body with the ability to draw forth, transform, and materialize what is on the Earth plane by enhancing your brain development and its connection with the Unified Heart Chakra. The Arcturians will expand the abilities of the Crystal Skull by focusing on the somatosensory cortex of the brain, which processes sensory input from various systems in the body that are sensitive to touch. As your brain syncs up with the body, you will be able to develop your abilities to rely less on interpreting the physical, sensory input and more on energetic wavelengths and differing vibrations within the body and in the Earth plane.


LEVEL 3 – THE BLUE APATITE GATEWAY – was inspired by the Sirians. It focuses on fine-tuning your personal vibration and infusing the physical body with the ability to collaborate and connect to the whole. The Sirians have stepped forward to build upon the work from Seraphim K by providing information and assistance with the harmonization and connectivity of the cells in the body. From Seraphim K in Purification Rings Level Six, you received golden notes within your throat chakra to aid with your harmonization with the Earth plane. The Blue Apatite Gateway attunement will strengthen, expand, and build upon this gift. Similar to a magnetic force, we will work with the concepts of the alignment of events, the alignment of individuals coming together, and the alignment of ideas. Our intention is to aid with elevating group endeavors.


LEVEL 4 – THE WHITE SAPPHIRE GATEWAY – The Pleiadians have stepped forward to provide us with energetic support as we work with the white sapphire. The density of the white sapphire is particularly important, as it works well with the Crystal Skull and the crown chakra. It will connect with the gems you received in the levels 1-3 of the Gateway program. The sequence of energy will run from the white sapphire to the Crystal Skull to the diamond to the blue apatite to the rubies, allowing for knowledge downloads. These downloads will include information for our cells on how to act, allowing us to work with the multidimensions. Dimensional knowledge is outlined in this level.


LEVEL 5 – THE CITRINE QUARTZ GATEWAY – is an attunement inspired by the energies of angelic beings from the 7th and 8th dimensions. Although they have no actual name, we have been given permission to call them the group Aurora. They will focus on fine-tuning your personal vibration and infusing the physical body with the ability to differentiate and move among the dimensional realities.


LEVEL 6 – THE GEM GRID GATEWAY – the group Aurora and the Seraphim have stepped forward to provide us with energetic support as we work to activate the Lightarian Gem Grid. In this level you will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded beings across the globe and throughout the dimensions without having to be in the same space. You will become an interdimensional being in its purest sense.


There is a 7 day waiting period between levels.



Founder: Peggy Zeramby

The attunements are sent distantly, and are received by your participating in a guided meditation.

There is a minimum seven-day period between receiving each level of this system.

E-manuals will be sent to me from the Lightarian Institute.  There is a small additional fee for the manuals. After you have made your purchase, I will contact them on your behalf.  They usually arrive in a day or two.  I will let you know after I send the fee for the manuals to the Lightarian Institute. Upon their arrival to me, I will email the PDF’s to you as soon as I receive payment.

You will be registered with the Lightarian Institute upon completion of the course, allowing you to be able to pass the attunements to others and order manuals yourself from the Lightarian Institute.