A Solar Eclipse is a spectacular sight and a rare astronomical event.

The Moon revolves around the earth. The Earth orbits the Sun. An event called a Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth and blocks part or all of the sun for a period of time, up to about three hours. During an eclipse of the Sun the Moon casts a shadow upon the Earth. The sky becomes very dark as if it were nighttime.

In ancient times this natural phenomenon was often thought to be caused by the supernatural or thought to be a bad omen. The people were unaware of its astronomical causes.

Today we know that a Solar Eclipse happens during a New Moon, so it is an amplification of the New Moon energies along with the Solar and Lunar energy brought forth by the Solar Eclipse Angels.

The Solar Eclipse Metamorphosis Awakening Energy attunement allows you to benefit from a Solar Eclipse both during an Eclipse and also following it by connecting you with it energetically.

Solar Eclipse Awakening Energy can assist you with the following:
• Being still
• Big change to happen quickly
• Break the chains and bonds
• Fresh start
• Move obstacles
• Metamorphosis
• New sight – seeing in a new way
• Put Away The Old and Bring In the New
• Renewal
• Remove limitations
• Transformation
• Transmutation
• Wholeness

This system consists of two levels. You will learn
• How to work with a Solar Eclipse Angels Clearing and Healing Meditation
• Self-Treatment
• Energize an object or a place with this
• Create a Solar Eclipse Awakening Oil
• Perform a treatment for others either in person or at a distance
• Pass the attunement to others

Founder:  Manuela Marques