The Abundance and Success Empowerment Reiki attunement connects you to the higher frequency energies of Spirit, putting you in harmony with positive abundance and success. This will help you to clear any blocks to your abundance and success. When you are in harmony with this vibration opportunities will present themselves to you; books, teachers, money and people who may help you will drawn to you by the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like.

This attunement will speed up your transcendence and help you to achieve your goals and follow your dreams, by raising your vibration and connecting you to the energies of abundance and success. The more you work with the energies, the stronger they will become.

We may have been conditioned to believe there is limitation to our having enough or fearing that we will lose what is ours. This is a false perception. In truth there is no such thing as lack or limitation, except what we create ourselves. In order to free yourself you must release these negative thoughts and beliefs by letting go things that no longer serve you.

Abundance and Success Empowerment Reiki helps you to work with Universal Laws. The Law of Rhythm governs ebb and flow. Know that if things are a little hard right now, they will get better.

The Law of Polarity says that poverty and prosperity are just different degrees or the same thing. So if you are experiencing less than you should, then decide with certainty that you will experience more.

The Law of Cause and Effect says that you must set things to action to achieve the results that you want. It is important to takes steps toward achieving your goals. What matters is always moving toward what you want to achieve.

The Law of Reversal says that you cannot achieve different results by doing the same old thing over and over. To bring different results you must make changes in your thoughts, feelings and actions.

The energies of this attunement help you to remove negative thought patterns and bring positive energies to help put you in harmony with Abundance and Success.

You will be attuned to two symbols that help you to connect to Abundance and Success Empowerment Reiki. The first helps to release negativity and the second is the Abundance and Success symbol. You will also learn a Fast Cash Money Spell to work with these energies.

Founder: Linda Colibert