Gratitude Reiki connects you to spirit for empowerment and abundance. It helps eliminate worry and fears about money and relationships by helping you to connect strongly to all that you are grateful for. When you feel connected to the good things in your life, your focus changes to positive thoughts and a positive attitude. Feeling good attracts good things into your life.

When we are busy in our lives we can be overwhelmed with responsibilities and place the needs of others ahead of our own, draining us of our energies that can lead to stress or depression. Gratitude Reiki helps you to get your priorities straight and focus your attention on positive things. When you feel grateful, you feel loved, and in love with live and all the wonderful things around you.

In this day and age with so much hate, war and destruction all around us, feeling that Universal love and peace of mind that comes with gratitude is truly needed and results in you attracting more good things into your life.

Being attuned to Gratitude Reiki connects you to a symbol to connect with and work with the energies of Gratitude.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf