In the Higher Realms of Light exist a group of High Master Beings that appear as light. The tool the have provided us with is the Magenta Chamber of Light. You can work with the Magenta energy for yourself and others, place your home, animals or even the planet in this balancing, healing chamber. Using Magenta clears homes and fills them with Divine Love.

Magenta helps you to integrate and recalibrate your energy, provides protection and clears toxic energies. This system keeps you ‘under the radar’, meaning that when you are doing clearing for others, scanning energies and more you cannot be found. It erases your energy signature, or hides it, making you energetically invisible to other beings or other energies.

The Magenta Chamber of Light provides a healing chamber to retreat and get rid of imbalances and any densities you are experiencing. This multifaceted tool keeps your bodies balanced and your life force intact. It is a gift of Self Care as well as a place you can safely perform clearings and healings for others.

With this system you can go when feeling out of balance. Once you enter, the healing starts. It balances all the higher chakras, reaching the monadic aspect, and helps us activate all the aspects of our Self, assisting us in our growth and advancement. You can remove obstacles, toxins and blockages, thus helping to focus on the direction of growth and purpose, bringing inspiration and creativity.

When you work remotely with others you can place them in the chamber and scan to know where to focus the energy. You can place people in a Magenta Sphere to boost a distant session and help integrate the energies. You can use it to help if a person is psychically attacked, replenishing their energy and hiding their energy signature so that the attack cannot continue.

Water can be charged with Magenta energy or created as an elixir with essential oils.

This chamber is a safe space where you can replenish, recharge, integrate and recalibrate. Your energy is sealed. Using it before you go to bed helps you to feel refreshed and full of life the next day.

Founder:  Lourdes Maria