The Attunement Lineage Clearing Maintenance Attunement aims to clean non-serving energies from attunement lineages, energetic connections to the lineage and offer protection from remote viewing, energy vampirism and energetic control.

As time goes by the energies of the founder and all those in the lineage have the possibility of contaminating, controlling or remote viewing each other. this attunement prevents this and ensures that only the purest energies are passed on.

Lineages are only as safe as the energies and intentions of the founder, those within the lineage, and the level of your personal power. This means that if someone in the lineage passed on the attunement with negative energies either without realizing or deliberately, this might be passed on or transmitted to the next person. If you have high levels of personal power and vibration, you reduce the risk of transference of non-serving energies.  The Attunement Lineage Clearing Maintenance attunement increases your personal power and raises your vibration so that you are sending the highest levels of clear, clean energy possible.

The Attunement Lineage Clearing Maintenance system can be used for:
• Removal of energetic connections between you, the founder, and anyone in the lineage
• Removal of negative energies, attachments, imprints, etc., from the lineage
• Stop remote viewing
• Replace any compromised energy of the attunement with the corresponding energies from light source
• Increase in vitality, wellbeing and abundance
• Increased personal power and realization of your powerful energetic self

This attunement is open-ended, meaning that over time you could bring in higher frequency energies. When you activate the energies they will always access and bring in the frequencies that are most beneficial for you at the time. This will be personal to you. With use you are encouraged to explore any new uses and be creative.

Founder: Craig MacLennan