When we have problems, issues, doubts or other troubles a first good thing to do is to pray and become aware.

Master of Prayers for Lighthealers Reiki consists of 7 attunements and 7 prayers that will link you to Saints, Archangels, Angels, and the Divine Father and Divine Mother. With this attunement you will have a permanent link with these holy lighthealers and a special channeled prayer for each of them that may help you or your those you assist with healing for their needs.

Sometimes when darkness comes to our lives we must have the right heavenly tools and strong faith to overcome the problems and be winners. These prayers and energies may be those tools.

The prayers:

• Mother Mary to grant wishes

• Saint Anthony for love

• Archangel Raziel for love wounds

• Archangel Raphael for money

• Angel Menadel for employment

• Jesus for Healing

• Archangel Michael against evil

Founder: Manuela Fasoli