The Quan Yin 999 attunement aims to help heal, let go of the past, move forward and grow spiritually by connecting you with the loving and compassionate energies of Quan Yin, and the calming restorative and healing energies of the 999 frequency.

This attunement is open-ended, meaning that as you progress, grow and move forward, the frequencies may increase to support your needs at that time. Because of this you will benefit always receive the energies that you need and not be restricted by what the attunement is programmed to provide like in most attunements. This is a significant advantage over other similar attunements.

Quan Yin represents the qualities of compassion, love and kindness. She cares for, heals and consoles anyone who calls upon her. Other attributes that she is connected with are fertility, peace, spiritual learning and awakening.

Quan Yin will often appear in healing treatments. The shift in energies may be be felt as a warm outflowing of love and compassion washing over you, making it easier to let go of pain and past hurts. Forgiveness and understanding become much easier to realize. Changes to make your life heal seem to happen with more ease and grace.

999 Hz is a very high frequency of energy in the angelic realms. It represents unity, closing of a cycle, moving forward and spiritual awareness. Physically these energies may induce a sense of feeling calm and balanced, and may restore sound sleep.

The combination of the connection of the energies associated with Quan Yin and those of the 999 frequencies are a perfect match. The compassionate, loving and nurturing energies of Quan Yin support and deepen the calming, restorative and healing energies of the 999 frequencies.

This system strengthens your mental focus and stability, bringing about a restoration of your energies and raising your vibrations so a deep and thorough healing may take place.

As the vibrations of your energies rise, you may start to connect more easily with your intuition and gain more spiritual insights and awakened moments. You may feel more supported and your personal power may increase. Letting go of the past may become easier through expressing forgiveness, gratitude and compassion for yourself and others.

Use the Quan Yin 999 Attunement for:
Energetic connections with Quan Yin
Energetic connections with 999 frequency and the angelic realms
Develop compassion and love for self and others
Emotional and mental healing
Forgiveness and moving forward
Energetic support
Stimulate spiritual awakening and development
Increase intuition and psychic development
Boost wellbeing and vitality
Raise your vibration
Live more in alignment with your purpose
Connect with Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms

Founder: Craig MacLennan