Bring comfort and the healing power of Angels into your child’s life to help them at every stage of their social and behavioral development. These angels work with the spectrum of three rays of light, symbolizing the three transformational stages of development from birth, to beginning primary school, through to their teen years and high school, preparing them for adulthood.

When a new soul incarnates into a tiny helpless body it has to learn to adapt to life on our Earth plane, while coping with a whole range of human emotions, egocentricities and all the ups and downs that childhood brings. Some children are even incarnating with knowledge of their celestial and starseed roots, and also past life and in between incarnation lifetime memories, which adds extra pressure to their childhood in the first few years.

This attunement helps you to focus on a particular issue and to call in and create an orb of the relevant age of Angelic energy to assist them. They will be supported and guided during the day, watched over at night, and often worked with during dream time to help them resolve their issues.

THE PINK RAY: ages 0-4 years

Birth difficulties, bonding issues, soul integration, problems falling and staying asleep, feeding and digestion problems, teething, separation anxiety, abandonment issues, bonding with carers, disturbed routine, unable to make friends, struggles in unfamiliar environments, Starseed and celestial integration, and past life memories integration.

GREEN RAY: ages 5-10 years

Starting school fears, abuse, mother or father issues, struggling to communicate, feeling excluded, loneliness, fear of the dark, bed wetting, ight terrors, attention seeking, sibling rivalry or death of a loved one.

BLUE RAY: ages 11-16 years

New school problems, self development issues, hormonal imbalances, peer group pressure, social anxiety, depression, low self confidence, shyness and insecurities, learning difficulties, alcohol, drug, nicotine or gaming addictions, sexual identity issues, body self image issues, weight and diet related problems, trust issues, fear of failure, feeling invisible, pressure to perform, exam phobia, crushes and romantic relationships.

This is a very simple to use and intuitive system. There are no complicated symbols or hand positions to use. Once the Angels from the correct Ray for your child are called upon they will know what to do to help them for their highest good. As you call upon the Angels to help your child, you need only to ask for those related their age, and that ray of light will be available for you to use with them. If you feel they are between age groups or at a different stage of development this will be automatically adjusted and they will receive the help they need.

You can also program healing energy for any of the numerous childhood illnesses and accidents they will encounter regardless of their age group. The Angels from across the color ray spectrum work together using their complete energetic healing tool kit. The manual for Angelic Light Path Healing For Children also teaches you about children’s chakras.

Founder: Raine Hilton