There are ever increasing amounts of Starseeds incarnating and Walking-In on this world. Integrating and grounding our different energetic frequencies can be a difficult and confusing time. Many experience intense feelings of homesickness for their Celestial Home and have difficulty putting down roots and fully connecting in this world.

Spiritual awakenings are making Soul Missions a priority, sometimes disrupting their daily lifestyles. Twinflames are being drawn to reunite with one another. Many are navigating energy surges from planetary alignments, solar flares, and the lunar energetic ebb and flow, and also assimilating energy shifts.

This energy creates a wonderful loving, nurturing energetic space to allow the Starseed to take time out from the mundane world and reconnect with their Celestial Home. This allows light codes of information to be received, and spiritual guidance to be received from your Celestial Home, Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters.

During the Platonic Solids Sacred Geometric Starseed Alignment the Platonic Solids will be energetically placed in your etheric field to aid you in recalling past life memories, in between lifetime memories and memories from lifetimes in other star systems and dimensions.

Many believe that the five regular polyhedral were discovered by the ancient Greeks who called them the ‘atoms of the Universe’. Others believe that the concept of a unified cosmology was well known as far back as at least Atlantis. After the world cataclysm that occurred causing destruction of this and other civilizations, the scientific knowledge of these solids was lost.

Most sacred and ancient traditions were underpinned by the knowledge of Sacred Geometry, the belief that a hidden order unifies all aspects of the Universe. With study and visualization of the underlying geometric forms of this order, the mind can connect to the Oneness of the Universe.

When working with the Platonic Solids, you are tapping into the energy manifestation source of creation. You will become the electromagnetic frequency through which you will be able to manifest a higher vibrational reality for yourself. Working with this energy can help you to learn to detach yourself from third dimensional limitations and enter energy streams of higher dimensional consciousness.

We are all at varying stages of our Soul Path, so regular interaction with this energy system can allow you to access greater awareness and knowledge of your Celestial Heritage. The Platonic Solids Sacred Geometric Starseed Alignment helps you to grow and evolve, and supports you in creating a harmonic resonance, anchoring your Starseed energies into the Earth Matrix.

Along with the 5 main Platonic Solids you will also be connected to the Sphere and the Merkabah and use the energies with your chakras. The Platonic Solids can be used in healing sessions, or meditated with to help you to tune into each chakra, and assess and balance the elemental energy flow, using the energetic form you will be attuned to with this system. Each Platonic Solid will imbue your etheric field with light codes unique to you and your Celestial Heritage.

Founder: Raine Hilton