The 999 Light of Shekhinah Essence connects you to the luminous Light of Shekhinah, the quintessence of the Divine Eternal Sacred Feminine Essence of God. This energy allows you to be both a receiver and a channel of the transmission of the essence of Shekhinah in the amplified frequency of 999.

This energy facilitates you in maintaining a foothold on the Earth realm while experiencing the infinity within. It propels the brilliance of the Divine Feminine Spirit of luminosity to liberate and align, unclutters the chakras and allows blocked kundalini to rise, assisting the way for Shekhinah to liberate your soul from experiences while you are incarnated on Earth.

Shekhinah has the compassion of a Mother God and the power of the Queen of the Heavens. She is strong and fierce; her sovereign divinity protects as the enlightened energy of her holy spirit dwells within you.

The 999 Light of Shekhinah Essence helps your connection so that Shekhinah’s essence flows easily, providing nourishment and renewal, allowing transformation to take place. You can call upon her for restoration of wellbeing, support, blessings and a mother’s love. These energies can be used for self treatment, or streaming a 999 meditation session.

Shekhinah can relight the fires of spiritual passion within you.

Founder: Rosemary Noel

Master Teacher authorizes you to share this system with others.  You will need to purchase the Personal Use Manual in addition to Master Teacher if you intend to share it with others for Personal Use only.

Master Level:  $90 

Personal Use:  $63