Shekhinah (Shekinah, Shekina) is the female aspect of the highest Source of Creation. She is the Divinie Mother, the original Goddess, the female representative of Source Creation. This aspect of female essence has manifested in many different ways through saints, avatars, bodhivisitas and deities in both female and male form.

The Light of Shekhinah is an energy ray that was gifted to directly by Shekhinah, during a meditation in a high and holy place by its founder. It works on the upper chakras, acting them to help with your awakening.

This is not a religious attunement. Shekhinah can always be helpful in your life.   It is a very effective energy for your spiritual awakening, and brings Divine order to situations and minds.

The more you work with Light of Shekhinah, the more you will be attuned to her wonderful energies.

Shekhinah is the great awakener. If you open your heart she will come forth and show herself.

You may use this energy on yourself or others, for healing, blessing situations, places, people and more. It brings Divine order to everything you intend. The energy is quite strong. You will not need to activate it for long for great results.

Founder: Riza Baleghi