Magick Reiki Better Business is a magick energy infused system that combines magick and Reiki.  It constantly recharges itself, so you cannot use it up.  It connects you to the energy of successful, prosperous business and to creative Source energy.  Your personal energy will be aligned so that you are resonating with increasing your business and being prosperous.

When you use Magick Reiki Better Business you just connect to the energies and allow them to work toward Better Business by increasing your clients and abundance through your business.  These energies can bring results quickly.

The growth of your business happens when you are involving the following:
Good service
Quality Products

Magick Reiki Better Business enhances these qualities and helps you to expand and grow your business.  The magick of this system does not make people buy from you, it enhances your abilities and opportunities so that you draw more clients and customers because your business is better.

You will receive a symbol during your attunement.  Allow the energies to work, and follow your intuition about improving your customer service and quality as well as advertising.

Allow the energies to draw in all that you need to have a better business.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)