Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace is the awe inspiring, powerful Intercessor of the Universe and is the most special title bequeathed to Mother Mary. In 1948 Our Lady appeared at the Carmelite Monastery, in Lipa City, Philippines. This apparition is famous because of the supernatural manifestation of rose petals in the vicinity falling from the sky and in the monastery halls. Outside, a woman’s voice directed one of the nuns to visit the garden for 19 successive days.

May miraculous cures and conversions were reported by the use of the rose petals from Lipa. It is written that the blind were restored to sight and the sick were healed.

Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace Activation extends profound love and offers the Marian Divine Feminine Mother energy, bringing you the most sincere love and power of Our Lady.

As with all the Marian apparitions, Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace reminds us to pray always. She brings hope to the desolate and miracles for those who believe. She intervenes so unproductive cells can be rooted out; blocked arteries can be unclogged and the damaged areas rebuilt. Our Lady intercedes to cleanse infections and reduce inflammation, bringing you restoration.

Whatever the circumstances, and wherever the belief level, many miracles are reported by those praying to Our Lady Mediatrix of Grace! Her energy is nurturing, providing assistance for those who beseech her.

Founder: Manuela Marques