Our Lady Of Good Success is one of the designations given to Mother Mary. This title is shared among many images around the world, including some in Spain, the Philippines and Ecuador. This attunement works with the Ecuadorian Our Lady of Good Success.

The Our Lady of Good Success state was placed above the chair of the Mother Superior as a sign to all that it was she who reigned and watched over the convent.

As the Mother of Mercy she is always there ready to listen to your cries and soothe your pain. You can always turn to her with confidence and love.

Our Lady of Good Success anticipates your requests and extends the purest love to you. Beseech her and she will intercede on your behalf. She will placate for Divine Justice.

You may come to Our Lady with a contrite heart to help:

  • Relieve the tribulations of body, mind and spirit
  • Grant mercy and pardon
  • Relieve oppression
  • Soothe mental, spiritual and emotional pain

Founder: Manuela Marques