The 999 Red Violet Success Energy is a high energy system that connects you to the elevated 999 energy. It works by raising your energy in vibration so that you vibrate in harmony with success, and the color red violet, which is a power color, and a transmutational color for manifesting into the physical realm. Working with these energies lifts and empowers you to jump into positive success and personal power. It raises you above lower energies holding you back and weighing you down.

The high level of vibration of the 999 energetic code spins out any negative energies of a lower vibration. On this level of energy, only things that are a match to the vibration of 999 energy can be associated with it. Anything in your life that is below will either rise up to meet it, or fall away. The vibration of success in whatever you set your intention for is positive and must manifest.

With this system you will be attuned to a symbol to assist you in using the energies of 999 Red Violet Success Energy.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf