999 Silver Ray Abundance Energy is in the high frequency of 999. The energetic fields of this system penetrate through any resistance and other forms of lower though forms to raise your natural vibration. You literally rise up to meet the higher forms of abundance energy so that you can accelerate the flow of positive abundance in your life.

The Abundance in your life is determined by the energy you are aligned with. When your energy is low it’s difficult to raise your abundance level. Ascended Master El Morya give this energetic system in order to assist humankind to rise above limitations of the mind and Earthly planes.

The energy of 999 Silver Ray Abundance Energy is extremely high. It is a powerful energy to help you overcome the energetic dimensional level you are stuck in. As you work with these energies, your thought forms change and become of a higher level and you can experience positive abundance in the physical realm.

With this system you will be attuned to a symbol to assist you in using the energies of 999 Silver Ray Abundance Energy.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf