Animal Soul Aggression & Fear Calming Reiki connects you and any animal on a deep soul level for understanding what the animal fears, and what is causing their discomfort and aggression. It works to bring a mutual trust between you and the animal, and soothes and calms them so they can learn to trust and let go of fears. Often when animals are aggressive it is because someone has mistreated them, or they are very afraid of something. Once you understand this and get a good idea of what is at the root of this behavior, you will be better able to help the animal be calm and soothe their emotions and energies.

This system also helps to soothe and calm fears and aggression that people may have towards animals. Most of the time this kind of think happens because people to do not understand the animal. People tend to fear what they don’t understand. This is also true with animals. When a dog doesn’t know what is expected of him, and he tries to do good but instead is yelled at, hit or worse, the dog has no understanding of what he did that was wrong. He learns to be afraid of he very people who are taking care of him and often love him. This can lead to things like fear biting or nervous anxiety in animals.

Allow animals to be animals, and gently teach them to trust and not fear you. With this attunement you will be empowered with the use of symbol to help you work with the energies.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf