Animal Soul Communication Reiki works to connect you deeply with a soul connection to any animal. It helps with communicating with animals on a deep level of understanding and feelings. This allows you to know what the animal is trying to tell you – what they need, want, feel, what they love, fear, and more. It also helps the animal to understand the same with you – what you are telling them, what you need from them, what you expect from them, now you feel about them and more. This very important energy is transmitted telepathically, instinctively and intuitively between you and the animal.

Any time you are able to communicate with an animal in any way, it helps calm and soothe them, and can help build trust between you and the animal. When you do this on a deeper soul level, you will both benefit from the experience of knowing each other on a deeper level. Animals talk to you every day in their species language and try to make you understand.

Animal Soul Communication Reiki helps deepen your communication and speed up our understanding of what animals are trying to tell us, as it helps them understand what we are saying too.

You will be attuned to a symbol to facilitate you when working with this system.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf