Animal Soul Compassion Reiki connects you on a deep soul level for empathy between you and any animal. With this connection there is a soul love that recognizes he concern and consideration that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

When you have compassion for animals you understand that they are living BE-ings with feelings. They have emotions and they feel love and pain as well. They feel love for those that take care of them and they feel joy when they play and can be near you. if you give them away, they suffer sorrow and loss, and it is important for everyone to understand that animals need compassion, as they feel compassion for those they love. When a dog thinks you are sick or hurt, they come to you and want to comfort you. This is compassion for you.

You will be attuned to a symbol that strengthens this compassion connection on a soul level between you and the animal, bringing a deeper respect and trust of each other.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf