Archangelic Seichim Reiki works with both the Seichim and the Reiki energies. Archangels Shekinah and Metatron join you in balancing this work.

Shekinah is the Angel of Unity and Unconditional Love. She is a female angel who always stays close to humankind, inspiriting them to be just and fair, and bringing balance and harmony to our minds and spirits.

Metatron is the Angel of Thought. Metatron helps us to open our hearts in order to receive Divine Guidance. He is responsible for supervising the Akashic Records. Many consider Metatron the most powerful angel.

The Archangels you will work with:
Michael – Strength, honor
Gabriel – resurrection, mercy, revelation
Uriel – the fire of God, psychic phenomena
Raphael – one who heals, love and devotion
Jarahmeel – guidance, angel of true visions
Sariel – angel of knowledge, healing and faithfulness
Raguel – angel of Earth, a guardian, friendship
Jophiel – awareness, enlightenment, open-mindedness, freedom of thought, beauty
Raziel – giver of Divine mysteries, angel of knowledge
Tzadquiel – angel of mercy and righteousness

There are two levels to this attunement. The first may be received either as an Orb of Life (chi ball) or in real time. The second is sent as an Orb of Life.

Prerequisite:  Anyone can receive this attunement.

You must be attuned to Sekhem Seichim Reiki or 7 Facet Seichim to share this attunement with others.

Founder: Holli Blackwell