The Mystical Force of Mahakali was channeled to create a strong energetic connection with the higher spiritual vibration of Mahakali or Great Kali. Mahakali is the greatest aspect of Kali.

This system is a complete and powerful protection energy that can protect you and yours from all physical, metaphysical and magickal danger, as well as from accidents and disasters.

Mystical Force of Mahakali also has ability to remove and destroy any form of negativity, black magick, evil spells, curses, negative spirits/entities, etc., and may also remove all negative effects of them. Once cured from negative effects of past attacks it will protect you from future attacks.

During healing this mystical force can help in your efforts to heal any disease and bring restoration of health to you. Mentally it helps to remove fear, worry and any kind of self-limitation in your life that blocks your manifestation of your goals, wishes or desires.

Mystical Force of Mahakali can bring many positive things in all aspects of your life.

With this attunement you will be empowered to create Mahakali Force Essential Water.

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso