999 Cosmic Light Oneness is a very high energy celestial frequency that allows you to connect and vibrate in the Divine God Energy. When you are aligned to this frequency, your energy is raised and ascends you to a level in which you can easily overcome your problems through the ease of solutions. This higher energy lifts you above the issues on the mundane level so that you can see different perspectives with clarity. When you can become One with the Cosmos energetically and consciously you have the energy to meet and rise up from any Earthly issue you face.

As the sense of Oneness lights your soul, your understanding of All That Is, and the cycle of things broadens and becomes clear. The Creative Source energy flows through us all and through everything that is. We are One. Yet, we often forget that the power of the Universe is accessible to us all.

When you are connected to and become One with All That Is, you can not only feel the difference in your energies as they change and transmute, but your entire perspective changes. As you move into the higher realms of energy and feel the love and peace that comes with 999 Cosmic Light Oneness you can change in wonderful, life altering ways. The Universe lifts you above the darkened and negative energies that you were once experiencing and vibrating in. As a result, problems can be solved in positive ways, allowing you to experience harmony with your new energies.

You may discover that using the energies of 999 Cosmic Light Oneness allows easier access to the Akashic Records, empowering you to make changes and manifest what you desire on the material physical realm.

You will be attuned to a symbol, assisting you in getting the results you desire.

May you always be connected to All That Is and live with joy in Oneness.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)