Ascended Master Mother Mary is depicted as a caring mother, a fountain of unconditional love for all. Mother Mary is a powerful role model for mothers. Mary was a woman of strength and character continues to inspire, comfort, support and guide all those who call upon her regardless of faith or beliefs. She is the epitome of highs and lows, the celebrations and tribulations of motherhood and of the unique relationship between mother and child.

Being a mother is one of the most wonderful, enlightening and rewarding blessings that can be experienced by a woman, but for some it can be exhausting, frustrating and traumatic, especially if she is not capable of providing a safe and loving home. Sometimes even women with the best of intentions struggle to form a bond with and care for their child, and unfortunately no child is born with an instruction manual.

Sometimes we may need help to heal us from our relationship with our own mother. This attunement helps us to call upon Mother Mary to help heal our inner child of all pain, suffering and traumatic experiences. She will help us to reintegrate our inner child in a positive way so that it will continue to enrich our life. This will help to return light, fun and joy to our lives, and give us the ability to see again with the open eyes, mind and heart of a child, but tempered by the maturity of our adult self.

We no longer need to be defined, restricted or controlled by our upbringing. By connecting to and working with Mary we form a permanent connection to her as the source of unconditional motherhood love – the Divine Mother to us all.

The comfort and reassurance of mother’s love is something we all crave no matter our age or position in life. We may have found it difficult during our childhood to share our thoughts, hopes and dreams, to be comforted of our fears and loved unconditionally by their mother, causing us to push pain inside so we don’t have to think about it anymore.

Some souls struggle with feeling confined and restricted lash out at those closest to them. This destructive path can continue into the teenage years and beyond as they are unable to repair the rift and damage between them and their mother.

Acknowledging your inner child, nurturing this aspect of you with the Divine Mother’s Love may be all that’s needed to bring harmony and balance to your being well. Although we can’t change our past, we can reframe it through a more loving and forgiving lens of perception.

We can draw strength and comfort from Mother Mary knowing that she is always with us. For those of us who have lost their human mother, no matter at what age, Mary will lovingly step in to fulfill that role.

Signs that your Inner Child is wounded:
• Low self-esteem
• Poor body image
• Mood and emotional imbalances
• Problems with boundaries being too rigid or too week
• Problems with eating
• Harming yourself
• Pyscho-sexual difficulties
• Being ‘false’ and wearing ‘masks’
• Identity problems
• Being a rebel/a hoarder/a bully
• Perennial victim or super-achiever
• Intimacy problems
• Commitment problems
• General lack of trust in yourself and others
• Criminal behavior
• Excessive lying
• Being ‘overly responsible’ for others
• Being fiercely competitive and a poor loser
• Dependencies and addictions
• A lack of genuine friends
• Obsessive and needy behavior
• Fear of authority figures
• Being manipulative
• Being passive
• Being aggressive

An inner Child Healing and integration session aims to repair and heal the wounds caused by parents, caregivers and others, and to welcome in and integrate our hurt, fragmented self. Once we can move forward we can build a positive framework for our future as a whole and healed person.

You will be attuned to a symbol to help you work with these energies.

Founder: Raine Hilton