Mother Earth Love Vortex helps you to synchronize with Mother Earth, assisting you with absorption of her energy. This helps you to intuitively learn from her. Her energy grounds you and brings humility so you can look back to see the process and the important lessons you have received on your life journey. This energy increases self-awareness and brings vigilance against all forms of temptations.

Mother Earth Love Vortex provides an energy source for self-care. It also helps you to stay alert to challenges that are to come. This system assists you when you are in both a weakened and a strong position. You can receive and energy boost when you are weak, and helped to be humble and alert when you are strong.

This manual contains a meditation, and also attunes you to Create Mother Earth Love Vortex Essence using water, further connecting you to Mother Earth Love Vortex energies.

Founder: Jalu Wasonoadi