Nature Shaman Reiki has 3 levels. The energies connect you to Nature, Higher Source, and your Soul Energy.

This is a great system that enhances your connections and communications with Nature and Mother Earth, and brings empowerment and personal power.

Level 1 works with:
• Being one with all of Nature.
• Becoming one with Mother Earth.
• Moving your energies into “I AM” Consciousness

This level of Nature Shaman Reiki introduces you to tuning into to nature in an energetic and psychic way. The manual asks that you be in nature. If you are unable to be outside, please have a living plant on hand as you think of Mother Earth.

Level 2:
• Moves you into guided meditation for energy expansion
• Brings self-discovery
• Assists with empowerment

In this Level Nature Shaman Reiki a meditation brings self-discovery as you seek answers. Visiting a living tree is suggested, but if you are unable or don’t have access to a tree, you may visualize a tree instead.

Level 3:
• Opened to nature communications with animals, plants, and Mother Earth.
• Your psychic energies will be opened, helping you to receive spiritual guidance from Nature Devas and more.

In this level of Nature Shaman Reiki you will receive a symbol to boost the ability to see faces of Devas within a bush, a flower, a tree, and a stone or crystal, enhancing your third eye chakra.

All three levels of this attunement are sent together, one right after the other.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)