A Special Gift For Beltane – receive the Goddess Flora Initiation as my gift to you FREE with the purchase of any other attunement, template or healing system. You will receive a manual, and a chi ball attunement.

Goddess Flora Initiation – Celebration of Floraiia and Beltane

Beltane marks the return of the Fae in springtime. The fairy Queen rides across the land on her white horse. Legend states that if you sit under a tree you may be lucky enough to hear the bells of her horse as she passes by.

Beltane speaks of the Earth’s fertility with the custom of the wedding of Goddess and God. There is much to drink and it was believed that on this one day all wedding vows could be ignored. If there was a child born of a union during Beltane, that child was believed to have been blessed by the Goddess herself.

Spiritually this is the unification of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within. In the physical it is the union of the Earth and the Sun to bring about a bountiful harvest. We leave the monochromatic world of winter to a world filled with color. The colors of this season represent growth, abundance, fertility, luck, and cleansing, peace and ridding ourselves and the Earth of negativity, and red for health, vitality, sexuality, and yellow for the energy of the Sun to cheer the spirit.

“May we bloom
Each in our own way
Revealing the beauty within

May our ancient roots
Give us healing strength
Nurturing our best selves

May we celebrate diversity
Respect each person we meet
Understand that we are one family

May each of us always remember…
We are united in hope & divined in fear
Put away the fear and celebrate our human family”