Quan Yin is the personification of the Great Mother Goddess that many call to for help and healing.  She personifies the gentlest and most empathic side of the Great Goddess.  Her law is unconditional and boundless love.  Her commandment is mercy.  Her gift is compassion.

Quan Yin is known as a “Bodhisattva” or a being devoted to the enlightenment of all beings.  She offers support and guidance to those who which to let go of their ego attachments and embrace her compassionate way.

The Abundance Affinity Attunement is an energy healing modality the that doesn’t need any previous experience or energy work to be able to use it.  It helps you to clear and heal attachments and resistance, thereby inspiring you so you are able to manifest positive change in your life.  Attachments come in many forms but essentially it is our conscious attention that creates an energetic link to things.

Affinity suggests an understanding and relationship and that is what we look for when it comes to successful manifesting work.  It’s important that we match the nature of Source if we wish to see its gifts manifested in the world around us.

Quan Yin’s passive, receptive and unconditionally loving nature provide the blueprint for the inner peace that the Abundance Affinity Attunement inspires – the sense of peace that is our connection to The Source even in the face of painful change.

When we are connected to Source we exist in a state of spiritual communion, connected to the natural flow of life, and are more able to perceive the sacred in the world around us.  This system creates a space within us for the Soul to breathe.  It helps us to eliminate the restrictions of ego-attachment and open ourselves to our full potential!

Founder: Anna Louise May (Maya)