Egyptian Goddess Auset (Iset, Aset, Eset, Isis) is the Egyptian Queen of Heaven and Mistress of Magic. She is proficient in divination, healing, power and wisdom. Goddess Isis is the Greek form of the Egyptian word asset, meaning “throne”, which invoked her to be names “She of the Throne” or “Queen of the Throne”.

Channel Goddess Auset Essence to stimulate rebirth and purification. This essence has a white magical energy that allows your subtle body to clean itself and also provides a beautiful self-sacreness.

The energy of Goddess Auset Essence can ward off uninvited energy that could harm you spiritually or physically. This energy also provides powerful sacred protection.

Goddess Auset Essence is useful in supporting you to reach your dream throne or position and provides a wonderful image for the world to see.

Founder:  Ferry Puthut Handoko