Quan Yin’s Compassionate Heart connects you with the Great Goddess of Compassion & Mercy for deep healing through powerful yin (feminine) energetic frequencies.

This system can be used on its own or combined with other modalities to create an energetic “safe space” for spiritual healing and transformation to occur.

Quan Yin’s Compassionate Heart Healing can be used by anyone and can be used for self-healing, animal healing, healing others, distance healing, in cases of anxiety, insomnia, PTSD or any emotional imbalance. Working with this system can assist in processing the past, self-love & care, the development of healthy self- esteem & confidence, moving beyond restrictive karmic bonds into a more authentic expression of self.

Quan Yin’s gentle acceptance & limitless compassion for all beings is a powerful antidote to many of the struggles we face in a world of yang dominance. This beautiful energy allows you to step into an oasis of calm using meditation and healing techniques to soothe the soul & bring your energy back into equilibrium.

Founder: Anna Louise May (Maya)