The Colors of Tara Activations were channeled to infuse the essence of the colors of Goddess Tara to assist you with your needs, dreams and desires.

Tara manifests in many forms. In this attunement she reveals herself in green, red, white, black, yellow and blue.

GREEN TARA: Repel obstacles and help in time of need
Green Tara represents the collective power of Tara in all of her manifestations. She provides help in time of need, rapidly repelling the obstacles standing in the way of success, conveys speedy dispositions, grants wishes and helps to eliminate problems while providing safety and protection.

RED TARA: Attraction and enchantment
Red Tara raises authority and the ability to enchant, convince, influence and charm. She provides environments conducive to helping yourself and others. She also lends persuasive assistance.

WHITE TARA: Compassion, healing and wellbeing
White Tara represents the energy of a mother’s compassion and provides healing in all areas. She counteracts and absorbs negative energy and disease, promoting long life. She also bestows wisdom and good fortune.

BLACK TARA: Power and invincibility
Black Tara brings power and helps you to expand your personal power. She also subdues evil spirits, and stops opposition to your spiritual aspirations, causing your intentions to be invincible and fulfilled. She removes obstacles and doubt.

YELLOW TARA: Increase and good wealth karma
Yellow Tara is the Goddess of Abundance and Auspiciousness. She helps to increase prosperity, brings good wealth karma and protects and increases assets. Call on her to increase your spiritual power, life force and wisdom.

BLUE TARA: Removal of danger and luck increase
Blue Tara is the remover of danger, dark spells and hostility. She helps you to subdue difficult people and cope with unfavorable situations. She also increases luck, helps with spiritual awakening and destroys learning hindrances.

Founder: Zabrina