The Centre of Stillness Activation is a powerful energetic attunement that allows to you tap into the very center of your being: your soul. By using this activation, you can draw your consciousness away from the senses, physical body, emotions and mental processes for deep healing, restoration and recovery.

Within the core of your being, your timeless and eternal soul presides. It connects you to the subtle life force energy of the Universe and is the home of your authentic self.

When you are present with your soul in this way, your consciousness is fully aligned with your true nature and full potential. The life force of the Universe flows to you unimpeded by the restrictions of normal consciousness. You are able to perceive your soul’s connection to the “Soul of the Universe” that sustains it. This connection allows for healing to occur that aligns you with the etheric blueprint you incarnated to experience in this lifetime. This might be in the form of manifesting spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, intuition or healing. It might be in the form of creativity and inspiration. Regularly tapping into this activation can help you to bring your life into congruence with your highest spiritual ideals in order to realize your unique power.

We have a tendency not to switch off or disconnect from ourselves from the extensive and complex matrix we live in. We may not be aware of the connections we have. We can experience deeper connection with the world by learning to be conscious of them when we perceive them from our Centre of Stillness.

Using the Centre of Stillness Activation can also help you to create a distance between yourself and your pain in order to observe it, manage it, or resolve it.

Quan Yin’s Centre of Stillness Activation can be used as part of your daily meditation or healing practice, or you might want to use it when preparing for bed to help you find that reserve of tranquility and peace that will prevent your mind/body/emotions from drawing your consciousness back into the world when you need to sleep!

Founder: Anna Louise May (Maya)